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with the new egyptian government toward a new promise and president obama reiterated america's commitment to israel's security and right to defend itself. the cease-fire announced 90 minutes ago with secretary of state hillary clinton and egypt's foreign minister standing side by side. secretary clinton calling the agreement a step in the right direction. >> united states welcomes the agreement today for a cease-fire in gaza. the rocket attacks must end. a broader, calmer return. the people of the region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence and today's agreement is a step in the right direction that we should build on. >> today's announcement follows secretary clinton's diplomatic barnstorm through the middle east and made stops in egypt, west bank and egypt. and it follows more than a week of cross border rocket fire exchanges between israel and
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hamas in gaza. now, that has left 100 people dead. joining me now from gaza is nbc news foreign correspondent amman mulhadeen. i saw you turn around and notice the night skylight up behind you. that was a minute within the cease-fire taking effect. do we know that's rocket fire coming in behind you? >> reporter: it was, in fact. it was an israeli air strike north of where we are. gaza is still very much a war zone atmosphere. although, as you mentioned, it is 9:00 local time so the cease-fire is officially in effect and hearing drones and up to the last minute as you noted but well before that, several minutes before that, a series of explosions as well as a series of rockets coming out of gaza in to southern israel and the question is whether it sticks for the rest of the night. >> obviously, everyone is watching very closely, certainly, in that region and around the world.
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the people living within gaza, is there a sense of relief or a sense of anticipation for relief coming up knowing that a cease-fire would be brokered and tonight. >> reporter: well, you know, by the time it was getting ready to announce it in cairo, there was a great sense of anxiety that, in fact, the truce slipped out of the party's reach because we woke up on tuesday morning, yesterday morning, with a great sense of optimism there will be a cease-fire. by last night, it looked like it was out of reach and a great sense of desperation this morning. in fact, almost a spike of overnight killings. the death toll 146. 34 in one day's count and people this morning were waking up to very different feelings than they were yesterday. soldiers on the border. people very much afraid of a ground invasion. perhaps it was thedy ploy sy of secretary clinton to salvage this. they're not out of woods to use that expression but no sense
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that this evening will be a lot or at least relatively calmer than it was over the past eight nights. >> coming to the cease-fire and the agreement that was made, what are the conditions that hamas was willing to bring to the table to negotiate with? >> reporter: well, hamas is willing -- hamas and the palestinian factions part of it willing to stop all rocket fire in to southern israel and in to israel in general. the other issues may not necessarily be involved hamas but the egyptians and the smuggling of weapons in to the gaza strip and more often than not go through the sinai peninsula and egypt's territorial waters and probably pressure on egypt to deliver and secure that smuggling route so that weapons don't end up in hamas' hand. that's what they brought to the table. certainly hamas would only do so with assurances that israel going to stop assassination of the leaders and easing of the blockade and we understand issues discussed perhaps in coming days or weeks.
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it is really -- it goes back to a central issue, this buys time for the people of did za in terms of attacks and doesn't address the larger issue of gaza in context of the ongoing israeli-palestinian conflict and something people say has to be addressed, part of a larger picture. not an isolated one. >> thanks so much. we want to go to tel aviv and correspondent stephanie gosk joins me. as you were hearing in the reporting, up to the very last minute, israel was using the timetable to use drone strikes within gaza. do we know after any strikes within the last couple of minutes leading up to this cease-fire that took place in israel coming from the gaza side? >> reporter: yeah, there was a flurry of rockets that came in in the final moments. so far we haven't heard anything. everyone kind of waiting to see. you know, amman mentioned an interesting issue by prime minister netanyahu in the press conference. this issue of smuggling weapons in to gaza.
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and the prime minister said something very specifically. he said that the u.s. had agreed to help in stopping the smuggling of weapons. not just egypt but the u.s. being directly involved in that process. that most likely was part of what allowed the israeli side at least to sign up for this. so it will be interesting to see how that will pan out. you also have in 24 hours the israeli government agreeing to the easing of the blockade in place on gaza since 2006. what that means and specifics of that have yet to be outlined. >> do we know anymore of which israeli enemy is trying to smuggle through egypt and in to hamas weapons? do we know anyone that's tried to take responsibility? >> reporter: yeah, the prime minister was specific on that. he said it was iran. he said it was iran that was responsible for smuggling those weapons and we know that there's weapons smuggled in from libya, as well. there's multiple fronts but the prime minister specifically
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mentioned iran and he mentioned the complicated world and the complicated set of enemies that israel had to deal with in recent years and interesting that he mentioned the united states specifically helping on that issue. thomas? >> just starting over the last five minutes, official i cease-fire and everything is still so fragile. is israel and the people of gaza were concerned about the blockades. the israeli blockades of aid that gets in to gaza. they have been supplying aid, certain aid trucks have gotten in to gaza. is that going to increase now? >> reporter: well, there are things that go back and forth but they're limited and the israeli government doesn't say explicitly what it's done. it's a case by case basis and taken human rights organizations and united nations looking at it to pinpoint what they're stopping and not stopping. of course, it is also the movement of people in and out.
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palestinians in and out of gaza. that will be lifted, as well. but it's put a real strangle hold on the economy of gaza and something people who live there want to be released. the concern from the israeli side is what's going in and what's going out and are they preventing arms going in and it's -- it's a complicated issue. as i say, they did agree to easing some of it but we don't know what that looks like in the next 24 hours. >> time will tell. stephanie, thank you. stay safe. jim frederick is joining me, international editor of "time" magazi magazine. here we are in to the cease-fire territory. talking 24 hours ago -- >> yeah. >> thinking it was going to happen at that point. but egypt is basically the tent pole in supporting this and sponsoring and overseeing the implementation of this.
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how much stability is this going to provide to the ongoing talks of trying to have a durable out come? >> i think this is a great first step. the cessation of attacks and if if cease-fire holds, what kind of lasting peace can be built here? because there have been cease-fires in the past and you have this israeli governmental and military phrase of every couple years to go in to gaza and cut the grass. or mow the lawn. or, you know, basically do aerial strikes to try to drive down weapons that are in gaza. >> that's the term, cutting of the grass is the term to go in to take out militants and to take out terrorist arms of hamas. >> yes. the military, the israeli military has been fairly flip about using this phrase and it's a harrowing phrase and pretty widely reported. that's how they refer to it. we have to take care of the problem and then leave. obviously, that's been unsatisfying for peace, you know and livelihoods of people in
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gaza more than a decade now. the big test here is whether or not president morsi of egypt is able to have more of a relationship with hamas to bring hamas along with a reconciliation, bring them to the table than mubarak ever was because hamas is an outgrowth or a spiritual kin with the muslim brotherhood which is where morsi comes from historically, whereas hamas was an enemy of mubarak and had a situation where neither israel nor egypt has wanted to take responsibility for what's going on in gaza city so it's not like morsi wants to take responsibility for gaza but sponsoring the peace and i think slowly but surely he wants to bring hamas along to show the world that he's a guy that can deal with hamas, bring hamas to the table, present some sort of detente between egypt, hamas and israel. >> the palestinian people and who is in gaza and, guys, showing the map one more time, the geography to get the visual
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here, this is gaza, the gaza strip. it's basically twice the size of washington, d.c. with over 1.5 million people crammed in to the borders and hamas in civilian neighborhoods to draw israeli strikes in and then head leans are israel kills innocent civilians in palestine. the factions of fatah and hamas are at lauger heads. who's egypt and israel supposed to be an honest broker with trying to get the safety of these innocent people, the palestinians trying to go around about their daily lives, living in terrible conditions within gaza. >> you hit upon one of the most important issues that have played out in 48 hours where abbas, the palestinian authority, and the west bank have been completely cut out of this process. it's very clear that hamas is
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the palestinian power. i think that for the palestinian people, it's been a long, hard road that fatah and hamas have not had good relations. you have a split palestinian people but i think mahmoud abbas is really on his back foot now because the palestinian authority and the west bank representatives have really been cut out of the process almost entirely an they're facing borderline irrelevance and i think questions will be raised in the palestinian community itself of who is our government? who is our leader? when we talk about palestinians, who are we talking about? these are going to be crucial, crucial decisions because morsi obviously feels like who he needs to deal with, especially with gaza, is hamas and he doesn't necessarily need to deal with mahmoud abbas. >> a colleague at "time" mass written about this in the future of the conflict. in this piece going on to say in the lull that follows each cycle
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of fighting as rebring as spring follows winter, may escape the cycle. perhaps to plant a new idea before the soil is exhausted. so again, it's about planting these seeds for future generations to come to break the cycle of hatred, violence and just perpetuates on itself. israel is not agree to lift the blockade on gaza. they'll consider it. again, only time will tell and that's kind of the leverage that they have to kind of keep them in check. >> right. exactly. i mean, there's a long way to go here. i mean, we need to make sure first that the cease-fire holds and then after that, we need to make sure that morsi is successful in bringing hamas along in to being a more responsible actor because israel is never going to agree to anything if rockets are lobbed in to israeli soil. and so, i think that's the thing to keep an eye out for, to plant new seeds of peace in this, you know, battle weary ground is
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actors to come a very long way and this is the first step in what might be a long process but the first piece of good news we have had certainly in eight days. >> the president reiterating support with phone call to benjamin netanyahu encouraging what's been done and saying we have a full partnership intact with israel and supporting their right to defend themselves with rockets raining on innocent civilians on their lands. great to have you here, as well. 2016 on the play. political reports of 16 republicans contemplating presidential campaigns. you knew this was coming. will we see another bush on the ballot? >> your dad going to run for president? >> i don't know. no comment. i certainly hope so. >> i don't know. no comment. i certainly hope so. that's a lot of answers in one. a whus thanksgiving tradition. show you live pictures of the rose garden where right now
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president obama is pardoning the national thanksgiving day turkeys. there's gobbler and cobbler i think are their names. details ahead. join the conversation on twitter. [ emily jo ] derrell comes into starbucks with his wife, danielle, almost every weekend. derrell hasn't been able to visit his mom back east in a long time. [ shirley ] things are sometimes a little tight around the house. i wasn't able to go to the wedding. [ emily jo ] since derrell couldn't get home, we decided to bring home to him and then just gave him a little bit of help finding his way. ♪ [ laughs ] [ applause ] i love you. i love you, too.
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all right. so ready or not and believe it or not, 2016 presidential posturing already in full swing, especially for republicans and why not? more than a dozen high-profile gop leaders already signaled interest in running for the white house in four years. and you know there are democrats secretly launching interests, too. as for the republicans the most vocal about moving past the party's mitt romney moment, well, they got an earful from one of romney's former campaign
11:18 am
advisers on "morning joe" today. take a listen. >> watching the republican officials now, trashing mitt romney, everyone's going out trashing -- >> i agree with you. >> it is stunning. some of them talking to our tradition to position themselves for romney cabinet. five, six, days later, absolutely eviscerating him. >> all right. you know? in one day, you're out the next. you know? i think heidi clklum says it be on "operation runway." want to bring in our guests. okay, gang. good to have you all here. martin, i start with you because as we heard there there were certain governors and republicans who have come out against mitt romney to fight back against certain comments that he made during that phone call to supporters like bobby
11:19 am
jindal, susanna martinez and basically doubling down on the 47% comments behind closed doors and then convince everybody he's for the 100% but now the bloom is off the rose sort to speak. what can the gop do to set the stage for a 2016 comeback? is it exactly what we're seeing right now. standing up and being leaders against things that just don't make sense which are the comments that mitt romney's made? >> mitt romney was in disneyland yesterday and i think he's having plenty of fun while the advisers try to still defend him. >> i lost the presidential election. what will you do? go to disneyland. >> exactly. >> people accuse him of being there all alistening. >> but look. if you look at that list of people we had on politico's home page, 18 republicans. here's the good news. four minorities and no one old enough to take social security. if you're a republican and just wiped out in this election,
11:20 am
you're ready to look to 2016. you don't care about mitt romney anymore. you're like, okay, what do we have? we have a bright future here with women, minorities, with younger people and it's never too early. we're politico -- political junkies here. marco rubio has already been to iowa. >> there is a deep bempbl of smart talent on the right. several names of front-runners. but take a listen to what jeb bush jr. and senator ran paul are saying about that very issue. >> your dad going to run for president? >> i don't know. no comment. i certainly hope so. >> going to be another paul for president campaign? >> that's classified. i can't tell you that. you don't have clearance to hear that. you know, i want to be part of the national debate. i think it's a little too soon to talk about what's going to run and not going to run and i
11:21 am
don't know what will cam. if i interested in thinking about that? yes. >> so some other names include governors chris christie and bobby jindal. which republican do you think is in the best position to make a run for 2016? is it chris christie? his favorable rating, now 67%. up 19 points from september. and a lot thanks to sandy and probably the "snl" this weekend. >> he did a good job on "saturday night live" but corey booker may run against him and beat him. who knows? >> i think chris christie is well positioned. marco rubio is well positioned candidate. i don't know that that's going to help them. you mentioned or someone mentioned a lot of women and minorities in their list of 2016 candidates but, you know, they had a woman and minority in the candidates and still chose mitt romney. i think they have an issue to get over with in terms of picking the right candidate. >> with finances, the right was pretty happy with the fact that
11:22 am
paul ryan was chosen on the ticket considered to be a budget hawk on the hill. does he have a prospect, a brighter future because of the practice that he got out of going through this election and the lessons learned, possibly utilize that going forward? >> this conversation reminds me of the stephen colbert skit of a committee to explore the question of whether or not they should create a committee. you know, clearly ryan is i guess somewhat self appointed, new right young thing of the party and listening to john boehner's comments when asked if he's the leader of the party, there's disagreement in the party and bears remembering every time we have done this in the past election cycles, thought object who the likely candidates were, almost none of them ended up being the likely candidate. mitt romney is an exception and perceived to be a credible front-runner of 2012 and tim
11:23 am
pawlenty. >> experience of '08? >> yeah. my point is -- >> traction. >> we project forward based on who's the luminaries now. it often is someone we're not looking at under current dynamics and doing 18 or 19 i guess the likelihood of one of the 20 the people -- >> primaries again. now let's talk about the fiscal cliff and house and senate leaders expected to meet with the president next week and hopefully negotiations will continue. staffers reportedly have made little progress over the last week. politico is writing this saying that the gop's opening offer, the sources said would freeze the bush era tax rates, change the inflation can clated for entitlement programs, keep the estate tate at 2012 levels and overhaul of the tax code and not provide a revenue target. martin, if this is the starting point, if that's the starting point -- are republicans as
11:24 am
serious about compromise as they claim? >> that offer's like the sticker price at a car dealership. >> with room. >> you know you won't pay that and then the big question unanswered now is will republicans budge on rates or revenue? we have to distinguish. republicans are open to increasing tax revenue by a cap in deductions, closing loopholes and so far they haven't shown willingness to moving tax rates up for upper income americans. do they talk about entitlements? folks on the left say we're not touching entitlements right now. >> talk about what house speaker boehner said demanding that the president's health care law be on the table in the deficit talks, although didn't he tell diane sawyer it was the land of the law? anyway, the cincinnati enquirer saying we can't afford it and can't afford to leave it intack. so, keith, are we -- i mean, is this the same version repeat the
11:25 am
first, whatever that is? you know, same old, same old. he told diane sawyer straight to her eyes this is the law of the land. >> i guess the tea party people got to him. there's a story that they called election night and neither one came to answer the phone and reportedly they were asleep. i think they actually were asleep because apparently they slept through the fact we had an election and they lost. they still think that they're going to repeal obama care and john boehner, if he seriously thinks it's up for negotiations in this fiscal cliff talks has to be crazy. out of his mind if president obama or democrats have a reason to give up on something that the american people approved. it is just not going to happen. they need to move on. >> zachary, one thing about the fiscal cliff, because there are certain rumors, whispers, that is, from senator like patty murray who says that they would be willing to see the country go off the fiscal cliff. are there benefits to watching
11:26 am
everybody go over? >> well, look. this like the debt ceiling is a created, dramatic target date. meaning, it is true that all of these things would happen if january 1 comes and for the entirety of 2013 neither congress nor the president agrees on any changes and then the forecasts of the consequences of these -- >> the sun comes up on january 1st. right? >> it still does and then $4,000, $5,000 hit to middle class families and only true if a year passes with this going on and congress does nothing. i would say if you're dramatically cynical and the state of washington and hard not to be, the likelihood has to be close to zero as humanly possible so what you're talking about is optic of january 1 come and according to senator murray, reset the baseline of the debate? january 1 comes and basically back before the bush tax cuts. and then everything becomes a negotiation of what then becomes added to a tax cut, not removed
11:27 am
from a baseline. that may be politically very viable. >> gentlemen, thank you. martin, thank you. >> thank you. >> keith, zachary, happy holidays to all three of you. you're right in front of me. breaking news to pass on right in front of me about congressman jesse jackson jr. resigning from congress. house speaker boehner's office confirming they have received jackson's resignation letter. more details on this after the break but again, congressman jackson jr. is resigning after just winning re-election there in his illinois district. we are back with much more after this. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. christine wants you to shop small. the onner of wonder works believes in cooperation instead of competition. she has a section dedicated to locally made products to make sure that her customers dollars stay local. for more watch sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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back, everybody. more on the breaking news. illinois congressman ja jesse jackson jr. resigned from congress. luke russert joins wime with mo. people are questioning the timing and the investigation of whether or not the allegations that jackson converted campaign
11:31 am
funds to personal use. >> sure. a few interesting things here, thomas. we have on good authority he resigned today because, obviously, a lot of folks on capitol hill gone home for the holidays. an easy way to try to sneak it in under the media's eye. we caught it, though. the reason is essentially he's been under a federal probe for allegedly misusing campaign funds, took money from the campaign to buy himself an expensive watch, redirect his home and his office. things that are illegal. he's also been involved in other controversy surrounding a pay for play scandal with the senate seat of president obama. there is speculation he was involved with governor blagojevich of trying to obtain that seat improperly. but if essentially with this resignation is more at w the federal probe of misusing campaign funds. today, a letter to speaker john
11:32 am
boehner, a resignation letter. events as they unfolded today, thomas, there's a call he planned with some staff about his future today on wednesday. that call is canceled and then his brother told a chicago newspaper he was resigning and the letter in speaker boehner office about a half hour later. thomas? >> thank you. appreciate it. why iowa's governor said they should get rid of the straw poll. that's one of the things we thought you should know. president barack obama pardoning the national thanksgiving turkey. the tradition hassen been around as long as you might think. and be sure to check out the "news nation" tumblr page. ♪
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when president obama continued the annual tradition of the turkey pardon. both will escape the table and live the rest of their lives on george washington's mt. vernon estate in virginia. heerl's how it unfolded moments ago. take a look. >> they say the life is all about second chances. and this november i could not agree more. so in the spirit of the season, i have one more gift to give and it goes to a pair of turkeys named cobbler and gobbler. the american people have spoken. and these birds are moving forward. love this bird. now, i joke but for the first time in our history the winners of the white house turkey pardon were chosen through a highly
11:37 am
competitive online vote. and once again, nate silver completely nailed it. the guy's amazing. he predicted these guys would win. i want to thank everyone who participated in this election. because of your votes, the only cobbler anyone's eating this thanksgiving will come with a side of ice cream. and for that, our winning turkey can thank his stellar campaign team led by steve wolordson, the chairman of the national turkey federation and raised this beautiful bird at miller farm in harrisonburg, virginia. here's steve. and as always, if for some reason cobbler cannot fulfill his duties as the official white house turkey, gobbler will be waiting in the wings. from here, these two -- from
11:38 am
here, these two lucky birds will be swept up in a whirlwind of fame and fortune that will ultimately leave them to mt. vernon where they spend their twilight years in the storied home of george washington and later today, michelle, malia, sasha and i taking not so lucky turkeys to a food bank here in washington, d.c. i want to thank jandyl farms in pennsylvania for donating those birds and like to ask every american to do what they can to help families who are in need of a real thanksgiving this year. tomorrow in the company of friends and loved ones, we will celebrate a uniquely american holiday and it's a chance for us to spend time with the people we care about and to give thanks for the blessings that we enjoy and to think about just how lucky to live in the greatest
11:39 am
nation on earth but it's also a time to remember those who are less fortunate. and this year, that's particularly true for our neighbors in the northeast who have lost their homes and their possessions and even their loved ones to hurricane sandy. last few weeks, i had a chance to visit new jersey and new york and while i have seen entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble and heart breaking loss and devastation, i have yet to find a broken spirit. countless stories of courage and compassion and resilience have emerged in the aftermath of the storm but one that comes to mind today is about a tree on staten island. it's a giant blue spruce that came crashing down in the front yard of joseph inganito whose home flooded in the hurricane. if you go to his street, you see damage and debris scattered all over the block but you also see the top of that tree standing tall in front of his house
11:40 am
decorated with ornaments that survived the storm along with anything else his neighbors could find including cups and surgical masks and safety goggles and reminds the neighborhood there's holidays to celebrate and happy moments to share and life goes on and we will rebuild. tomorrow we give thanks not only for the things that we have or the people we love but for the spirit that sees us through the toughest times and holds us together as one american family and guided along our journey by the hope of a better day. and i hope that over this holiday weekend we're also thinking about our extraordinary men and women overseas who are serving far away from home in harm's way but, you know, the reason they're there is because they give thanks, too, for the extraordinary life that we have here in the united states of america. so, may god bless those brave
11:41 am
men and women in uniform who are away from their families this holiday season. may you all have a very happy thanksgiving and with that, i think we are going to bestow the official pardon on -- which? gobbler or cobbler? cobbler. come on. look at this. that's okay. >> he's okay. >> you doing all right? huh? what do you think? do you want to give it a shot? yeah. look at this. all right. the special -- you are thereby pardoned.
11:42 am
congratulations, cobbler. you will have a great life. okay. everybody give cobbler a big round of afrauz. >> cobbler is a pretty vocal turkey, right? all right. so officially spared there. it seems that even some historians are confused about which president was the first to pardon a turkey. some say truman or lincoln but it was neither of them. do min cojoins us from washington. first, they're campaigns. cobbler was able to oust the butterball brothers and the superpac to win over gobbler. but -- i give -- >> i don't know. >> i can't believe we're doing a segment on this but fill us in on the first president to truly spare the turkey. >> well, that is jfk in 1963. we actually -- i took a look back in 2009 and have kind of reposted this every year since then. and because there was some confusion as to who was the
11:43 am
first president to pardon a turkey. >> right. >> it had been said bill clinton said in the pardoning ceremony that it was harry truman who pardoned the first turkey but what actually happened, the truman library told us that, in fact, he probably ate that turkey. he never met a turkey he didn't want to eat and not a pardoning ceremony as the white house's statement put out today. the 65th anniversary of the turkey presentation so it was not the first to pardon a turkey. also a little bit of trivia, if you were to ask who's the first president to pardon a turkey and the question, it would be abe lincoln that pardoned a turkey or a reprieve but it was for christmas. there was -- it was a turkey given to him that was supposed to be for his dinner menu and his son as the tale goes, took a liking to the bird and they kept it as a pet. >> that's how we get this. so not everyone, though, apparently wanted this tradition to continue. right now we have the two birds
11:44 am
because both cobbler and gobbler get to live on mt. vernon now. >> again, this was kind of institutionalized in 1989 by george h.w. bush and even more recent history than a lot of us think about and as as far as, you know, president obama talking about how they'll spend their twilight years, these may be the twilight years, thomas. analysis that showed that -- and they do the analyses that these birds pardoned by the president because they're bred to be eaten they only live an average of two years after the president pardons them. >> but did nate silver run the numbers on that? that would tell the tale. >> i think i trust the nbc political numbers, as well. >> as i do, too. we'll be right back with much more after this. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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11:48 am
black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. nbc's mark potter joins us now live from miami with more on this one. what's the reasoning behind wanting to put it out front and center on black friday? >> reporter: well, that's because there will be so many people out there to hear about it, see the protesters and hear their message. these protests are planned around the country and walmart has been trying to stop them using the federal government and the courts, although early indications are now it won't succeed in that. meantime as you were alluding to, it's no accident that the protests scheduled for the start of the busy holiday shopping season. >> we are the workers! the mighty walmart work earls! >> reporter: a few of the protests have begun. >> we're fighting for our justice! >> reporter: this one tuesday outside a walmart supercenter near los angeles. store workers and supporters are
11:49 am
complaining about what they claim are low wages, short hours and retaliation for complaining. >> wages they pay are very low. sometimes we have to rely on family help, we have to work with relatives to make ends mote. >> they're very good for the prices and coming out of our pockets. >> reporter: some upset about working on thanksgiving when walmart beginning the seshl sales at 8:00 p.m. >> they keep saying they care about the associates and they want what's best for them but that's not the case because if it was, we wouldn't be working on thanksgiving. >> reporter: walmart worker who is are nonunion plan to hold strikes and protests at a thousand locations around the country on black friday, the day after thanksgiving. their goal, they argue, is not to shut down stores but to inform customers about how they're treated by their employers. >> black friday is one of the most important days in retail. it's really the super bowl of all retail and the employees know this. that's why they chose black friday for the pinnacle of these
11:50 am
protests. >> reporter: in a statement walmart says our stores will be operating normally on black friday and our customers will see nothing unusual when they shop. it went on to say in response to complai complaints, the fact is our pay and benefits plans are as good or better than retail competitors including those that are unionized. to try to stop the protests walmart filed a complaint with the nation allay boar relations board claiming that union that doesn't represent walmart workers is illegally involved in the picketing. now, workers' group also filed its own complaints against walmart claiming it acted in a threatening manner and hearing of the labor board itself that it's running out of time, actually, to deal with this issue given the holiday schedule for the courts so what that means in effect is that it's highly unlikely we'll have a decision to stop these protests officially. thomas? >> mark potter reporting for us, i appreciate it.
11:51 am
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welcome back, everybody. there is a lot going on today. here's some of the things we thought you should know. iowa governor says the iowa straw poll that's 33-year-old republican tradition should be scrapped. the governor said he thinks the straw poll outlived the usefulness in the race. the straw poll never been a great predictor of success. last year, bachmann won. mark warner said he is staying in the senate, not running for govern nor of virginia next year. he held that job from 2002 to '06. virginia is the only state where governors may not serve consecutive terms.
11:55 am
the star of "parks & recreation" still gushing about vice president biden's cameo and check out what she was able to tell david letterman last night. >> we did a couple takes and at the very end just for the heck of i went in for a kiss. >> oh really? what happened there? >> he was so great and i think he's used to a lot of crazy people. >> crazy people. going in for the goal there with the kiss. she said he was a good sport. those are some of the things we thought you should know. and we want the know what you're thankful for this thanksgiving. share your thoughts with us and the rest of the nbc family by tweeting us using the hashtag why i'm thankful and show the responses on thaflg morning. here's an example of jandavis thankful for the kindness of people who volunteered or donated to sandy survivors.
11:56 am
keep them coming. use the hashtag why i'm thankful and go to post your responses there. that is going to do it for this edition of "news nation." "the cycle" comes your way next. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers.
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five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. i'm steve and it's thanksgiving eve in the cycle. day eight of deadly fighting between israel and the palestinians ends in a cease-fire. the so-called truce is brokered with rockets and bombs. >> i'm krystal. no holiday or secretary of state hillary clinton. crisscrossing the middle east pushing for peace. is this her last hoorah? >> i'm toure back here at home. we have so much to be thankful for including you at home. >> i'm s.e. it's not thanksgiving if we didn't give thanks for the political turkeys out there. we are so grateful. >> get ready for a special holiday edition of "the cycle."

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